What is Ideal Protein?

The obesity epidemic in this country is staggering. According to the American Heart Association 78 million adults and 13 million children are obese.  It is not as simple as eating less, the biochemistry behind losing weight is quite complex.   That is why Dr. Tran Chanh applied what he had learned working with Olympic athletes to the general population and created the Ideal Protein Protocol.

Ideal protein is a 4 phase medically developed and medically supervised weight loss protocol.  It is a program that uses partial meal replacement to enhance fat loss while sparing muscle mass.

The program is predictable, repeatable and measurable.  All of the standards of a program that works. This treatment plan can only be acquired through a medical health professional and it has a beginning, middle and an end.  The program involves one on one coaching and education so that you can keep your weight off for life.  The protocol is easy to use and guarantees success.  Millions of people world wide have successfully used this protocol.

The benefits to you are:

1) Weight loss while sparing your muscle mass

2) Decrease in inflammation in the body ( lowering pain levels for many)

3) Better energy throughout the day

4) Improvement in blood glucose levels

5) Improvement in cholesterol profiles

6) Understanding what has caused you to gain weight and how to keep it off

Not all weight loss programs are created equally.  I would be happy to talk to you about the benefits for you personally.  If you are ready to lose the weight for good or to improve your blood profiles give me a call.


American Heart Association:

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