Health & Wellness Consulting & Coaching

How healthy do you want to be? It is not a matter of healthy or diseased which is the way health is viewed in western allopathic medicine. Many people are labeled healthy until they come back from the doctor being told they have 4th stage cancer or MS or some other chronic condition.

In TCM there are levels of wellness. How healthy do you want to be? Are you sleeping like a baby? Can you eat and maintain your ideal weight? Do you suffer from headaches or bodily aches and pains? Consulting with me is a way to focus on improving yourself. By looking at your lifestyle factors, your overall wellness at the moment and the way you think and function in the world we create a baseline for improvement. By focusing on where you are we can then develop strategies to get you to greater health and wellness. If you would benefit from improvement in any of the areas listed then give me a call and let’s get going.

Boosting your immunity
Headaches or Migraines
Insomnia or sleep issues
Stress management

How to work with MaryLee:
1) Initial free 20 minute phone call.
2) If you choose to work with me there will be a 1 hour intake phone call.
3) Review of your current situation and medical records review
4) Diagnostics and treatment strategies developed, customized herbal medicine prescription
5) Phone consultation to review findings
6) Weekly phone or e mail consultation to implement the strategies.




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