Disease Management & Prevention

MaryLee is a specialist in Chronic Degenerative Disease. Using her 25 + years of experience she will review your current situation, review all relevant medical reports and then customize a diagnostic and treatment strategy for you. I will work with you weekly to fine tune your plan so that you get the maximum benefit in improving how you feel and function on a day to day basis and then how to slow the progression of your disease state. Using my traditional Chinese medical training I will create a custom herbal formula for your specific health issues. Quality of life is extremely important in these conditions and I focus on improving your function and quality of life on a day to day basis

In my experience western medicine is so compartmentalized these days that no one is considering how to help you just get through the day, much less improve the quality of your life overall.

Arthritis, all types
Chronic Fatigue
Pain Management

How to work with MaryLee:
1) Initial free 20 minute phone call.
2) If you choose to work with me there will be a 1 hour intake phone call.
3) Review of your current situation and medical records review
4) Diagnostics and treatment strategies developed, customized herbal medicine prescription
5) Phone consultation to review findings
6) Weekly phone or e mail consultation to implement the strategies.




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