Obtaining Seasonal Balance

As we approach and enter the season of fall it is important to be aware of how you are affected by the seasonal changes.  Are you adjusting and balancing your life to accommodate the natural order of the universe?  Fall happens every year, just as the sun and moon rise and set.  Yet, do you know how the fall energy affects you personally?  What is your body communicating to you and, most importantly, are you listening?

Fall is associated with the Metal element in Five Element Theory and with the harvest.  Metal is associated with the Lung and Large Intestine.  The color of Metal is white and the climate is dryness.   Depending on the part of the country you live in the fall season can be dry and prolonged dryness can negatively affect the lungs.  Watch for changes in your lungs.  Are you coughing more?  Are your lungs more susceptible to infection at this time of year or are you strong with your Lung Qi?  The Lungs are a Yin organ and a core organ.  We cannot survive without breathing.  How are you breathing?  Are both lungs fully engaged?  Qi gong is a great exercise for strengthening your lungs.  Our Lungs are our first line of defense against pathogens along with our skin.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine the lungs express on the skin.  By maintaining strong Lung Qi many health problems can be avoided.

Our ancestors where more keenly aware of the seasonal changes as their lives were more immediately affected by the seasonal changes.  My grandparents and great grandparents always grew there own food and raised stock so they were more keenly in tune to the earth’s changes.  Since we live in the technology age it is not uncommon for people to spend more time inside than outside.  Our environments are artificial in every way; lighting, heating, cooling, even our food is often bio-engineered.  This all has an affect on our health and our spiritual well-being.

The foundation of Taoism is awareness of the natural order of the universe and the natural laws that govern all of our lives and every aspect of our being.  Balance is often described as a Cauldron in Taoism.  Hexagram 50, “Harmonization and Stability” in The Book of Changes describes the cauldron as the cooking pot.  In order to be affective the pot must be stable.  Cooking is dependent on Fire and Water and the mixing of those two in the right proportions as to not ruin the food.  Cooking is a transformational process taking something that might be hard and inedible and turning it into something soft and edible.

Spiritual cultivation is much the same way, you must burn through your beliefs and habits to get to another level of spiritual understanding.   Maintaining your health is an important part of improving your life overall.  Being aware of your strengths and weakness and making the necessary shifts in your nutrition, rest, work and cultivations are all part of balancing your life.

What do you need to do to create balance in your life? 

Heredity?  We all have genetic strengths and weaknesses, most of us know what our history is to some degree.  We need to address this history before a problem develops.

Emotions?  Emotions influence our bodies and our minds, learning to keep the emotions calm and even greatly facilitate our well being.  Emotions can also show us where the imbalance is in our lives.  If one emotion is dominant we need to look to the organ system that is related to that emotion.

Sexual activity?   We all like it however, are you using it to your greatest energetic potential?  Are you using safe practices? Are you participating in sexual endeavors in a way that does not deplete your energy but adds to your energy?

Work?  Are you working in a way that supports your Qi or depletes your Qi?   This is both your physical and mental energy.

Nutrition?   How well are you eating?  Are your meals calm and relaxed or are you eating on the run.  Is the food you eat full of life force or is it all packaged, pre-processed food?   I often ask my patients if you left your food in the ground would it grow new life or could it sustain the squirrel and chipmunk population.  I don’t think potato chips and Cheetos will be there when the squirrel returns!

Fall, as a time of harvest, gives us an opportunity to look at our lives and be aware of our gifts, our strengths, and the abundance in our lives as well as any deficiencies that may exist.  It also gives us an opportunity for self correction as we prepare for winter.

What can you do this year to better yourself and the lives of those around you?

We look forward to being of service to you !

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