How to to Stay the Course During the Holidays With Ideal Protein

As we approach the Holidays many people have asked me how they are going to stay the course during the holidays. There are several approaches to this dilemma and each of you will have to decide how to handle the holidays.   Ideal Protein is so effective at weight loss it is truly a wonderful protocol and product.  At the same time each of us is unique and we have to figure out the best way to make IP work for us.  Some people do this with pudding, others chips and others drinks.  It doesn’t matter as long as you figure out which of the IP food products you like the best and will work for you.  Success is guaranteed every time if you stick to the protocol. Below are 10 suggestions in no particular order.

1)    Decide no matter what you are worth it, and you will stick with IP through the holidays.

2)    Decide you will only eat Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner off the program.

3)    Have a plan; planning has shown to really increase your ability to stick with the program.  Write down what you eat and when. Journaling can be very helpful and insightful into what hangs you up.

4)    Know going to a party that you are going to stick to vegetables and protein.  One of you this week was faced with this dilemma at a company dinner.  You looked around, analyzed your options and choose meatballs and salad.  A perfect choice.  If you have to, take a platter of vegetables and a protein with you to the hostess.  That way you will have something to choose from.  If you are asked to bring something make it a vegetable or a protein.

5)    Keep a bottle of water or glass of water in your hands at all times at a party.  If you are holding something you are less likely to reach for something that will take you out of ketogenesis.

6)    Have all parties and dinners at your own home.  This way you totally control what is served and what is in your food.

7)    Be really picky, and I mean super, super picky.  Decide which events are the most important to you and skip everything else.  Seriously, don’t put yourself in situations where you could sabotage yourself without thinking.

8)    If you are choosing to go to an event make sure you do not go hungry.  Have an IP food before you go, have a plate of vegetables or a big salad before you go.  This will help you avoid being ravenous and making a bad choice before you even realize it.

9)    Remember you will reach your goal, you are healing your pancreas and changing biochemistry every day.  You decide how fast you want results. The closer you stick to the protocol the faster your results will be.

10) My job is to guide you, not criticize you,  I have no judgement about your choices.  They are yours to make.

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