How to Read a Food Label

Today I wanted to give a quick overview of how to read a food label. With Ideal Protein the goal is to keep your protein intake just slightly above your carbohydrate intake. IP is a moderate protein, low carb, low fat diet in phase 1. When you read the label you want to look at how many proteins, carbs and fats in a given food.

Looking at the label below, the serving size is 1 cup that contains 260 calories. When looking at the carbohydrate count this food has 22 gms of carbs and of those 9 grams are fiber. Fiber passes through the body so we can subtract 22-9=13 total “net” carbs. When you hear people talk about net carbs that is what they are referring to the carb minus the fiber. Then look at the protein which is 25 gms. So this food is 25 gms of protein and 13 carbs. This is good choice when just looking at protein and carbs.

So when you are looking for a food make sure you read the labels and do the math so that you keep your protein count slightly higher than your carbs.

On this label the one thing I don’t like is the sodium which is quite high 1010mg per serving. However, the protein and carb count is right for an IP food.

You can also notice the sugar count, this is counted in the total carb count. Of the 13 net carbs, 4 of them are sugars. You do not really have to count sugars, if you are keeping your carbs low, your sugars will be low as well.

Hope you find that helpful and keep up the great work!

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